On average, 42% of Americans make plans to downsize their homes once they hit retirement. Whether you’ve hit this milestone or you simply want to move into a smaller space, preparation is crucial. If you don’t have any strategies for making this transition, use the tips below to help you get started. With the right plan, a smaller house can easily feel like home right when you move in.

Donate, Toss, Sell, and Keep

One of the first things you’ll want to do before moving is to determine what you can fit in your new home. If you have less closet space, you’ll need to go through your clothes and get rid of those that you don’t want or need. If you’ll have less storage in general, it’s a good idea to get rid of items you haven’t used or touched in the last year. You should also determine which pieces of furniture you can keep and which should be tossed, donated, or sold.

Double Down on Storage

In a smaller home, you’ll need to make storage a priority. Fortunately, you can do this with functional furniture, such as storage ottomans and benches. Plastic storage drawers under cabinets and garage shelving are also excellent for minimizing clutter and keeping everything organized. If you’re able to put holes in the walls, then shelves in bedrooms and bathrooms will allow you to use more vertical space and less floor space.

Take Time to Measure

It’s important to have measurements of rooms in your new home, especially in the main living areas. This will ensure you can measure your bed, tables, couch, and other furniture to make sure they are going to fit. If you plan on buying new furniture after you move, make sure you carefully measure before you purchase. Even if something looks like it will fit, it could end up being a different story once you have it in your space.

Plan Improvements

If there are any areas of your new space that you don’t like, plan on improving them before you move in. This will make the transition to a smaller space easier, especially if you’re looking forward to one of the changes that you make. This could be something as complex as adding more kitchen drawers or something as simple as painting the bedrooms. Since a smaller home can be difficult to get used to, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure you love it.

Don’t over decorate

Putting too much decor in a smaller home can make it feel cluttered and crowded. To avoid this, take an inventory of your decor and identify which pieces you can sell or give away. Try to keep items that won’t take up too much floor space; otherwise, you’ll be boxing yourself in. Fortunately, getting rid of extra times can put extra cash in your pocket while reducing the amount of space you take up in the moving truck.

Prepare for an Adjustment

For some people, moving to a smaller home can be emotional. Even if you don’t feel sad or upset now, prepare yourself for the fact that you may feel differently once you’re in the house. However, after putting things away and decorating, you should begin to feel better.

If you’re ready to downsize, make the process easier by using the strategies above. With the right prep and mindset, you can lower your stress and have a positive experience.

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